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Login name: julia
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Julia Lawall
Email Address:: Julia.Lawall @nospam@ inria.fr
Site Member Since: 2006-11-09 10:17
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This developer is a member of the following projects:

ABL (Admin)

ase13tr (Admin)

bossa (Admin)

btrlinux (Admin)

cfse2013 (Admin)

Coccinelle (Admin)

deckard (Admin)

DIAMANT (Senior Developer)

entropy-private (Senior Developer)

Hector (Admin)

Incinerator (Admin)

LSE (Senior Developer)

Margaux (Admin)

MultiVM (Admin)

pacalo (Admin)

Phoenix (Senior Developer)

Pomerol (Admin)

poops (Admin)

RCCL (Admin)

RCL_SRC (Admin)

regal (Admin)

REGAL-admin (Admin)

tc2 (Admin)

TransGC (Admin)

Zebu (Admin)