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User Id: 267
Login name: barais
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Mr Olivier Barais
Email Address:: barais @nospam@ irisa.fr
Site Member Since: 2005-07-28 06:51
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This developer is a member of the following projects:

A4S (Senior Developer)

ACF (Senior Developer)

ADT Galaxy (Senior Developer)

CVL (Admin)

digihome (Senior Developer)

DiVA Studio (Admin)

EJCP 2014 (Admin)

EnTiMid (Senior Developer)

Faros (Admin)

FractClipse (Admin)

GEMOC (Admin)

Gemoc-dev (Admin)

HouseManager (Admin)

Kermeta (Admin)

Kermeta2 (Admin)

Kevoree (Admin)

Mopcom SOC (Senior Developer)

MOVIDA (Admin)

MultiVM (Admin)

oxyss (Senior Developer)

Plasma-lab (Developer)

RRPM (writers)

s-cube (Admin)

Spoon (Developer/Committer)

TranSAT (Admin)

VaryMDE (Admin)

VMKit2 (Senior Developer)

VMKit-devel (Developer)