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[#17556] Source packages need to encode a versioned cudf provides

2014-06-04 07:02
Submitted by:
Johannes Schauer (josch)
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
Source packages need to encode a versioned cudf provides

Detailed description
Currently, when turning source packages into cudf packages, they get assigned an unversioned provides field. This is wrong but probably got undetected so far because nobody encoded dependencies on source packages. Here is why unversioned provides in source packages are wrong. Consider the following universe:

package: amd64%3alibrbd-dev
version: 5191
depends: src%3aceph = 5191
provides: librbd-dev

package: src%3aceph
version: 4969
provides: src%3aceph

Since a cudf provides provides all versions of a package, version 4969 of src%3aceph will satisfy the versioned dependency of amd64%3alibrbd-dev on it. This is wrong. Dependencies on source packages cannot have any other relation than equality and unversioned provides of source packages do not allow this to be expressed.

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