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[#15471] Discriminate between DNA and protein in a 3D structure (improvement)

2013-03-08 14:18
Submitted by:
Fondation Fourmentin Guilbert (fondationfg)
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Nobody (None)
Discriminate between DNA and protein in a 3D structure (improvement)

Detailed description
The attached image shows a nucleosomal particle (PDB 1KX5) made of a protein part and a DNA part. Whatever is the representation (point cloud or spheres) it is hard to discriminate between these two types of components. It results in difficulties to perform some modeling tasks like connecting two nucleosomes together or extending the DNA contained in the structure.

A solution could be to attribute discriminating colors to DNA chains. In addition, DNA atoms (other than Phosphorus atoms and their Oxygen courtiers) can be displayed as smaller spheres (see 15467: Another representation for DNA: P-representation).

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