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[#11376] ott looping on input

2010-11-03 08:08
Submitted by:
Francesco Zappa Nardelli (zappa)
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
ott looping on input

Detailed description
(submitted by Chris Casinghino)

Ott 0.20.1 seems to loop when I execute:

ott -o bad.tex bad.ott

The "bad.ott" file is attached. The example is nonsensical, because I
reduced it as much as possible from a larger development. There are a
number of mutually recursive nonterminals, which seems to contribute
to the problem.

I wish I could have made the example smaller still, but taking out any
of the remaining lines seems to cause ott to terminate on this input.
However, sometimes it takes a surprisingly long time to terminate (for
example, remove line 29). For this reason, I am also not certain ott
will really never terminate on bad.ott itself, but it runs for at
least a few minutes on my fairly modern desktop.

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