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Trackers for OpenAlea

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Tracker Description Open Total
Support Requests Tech Support Tracking System 3 6
Feature Requests Feature Request Tracking System 22 118
Bugs PlantGL Bug Tracking System for PlantGL 5 26
Bugs Others All other bugs 11 43
Bugs Core/Visualea Bugs concerning Core module and Visualea module 29 144
Bugs OpenAlea.Deploy Bugs for OpenAlea.Deploy and OpenAlea.DeployGui 6 25
Bugs Tissue Bug tracking and tech support for packages related to tissue simulation 1 1
Bugs LPy Bug Tracker for LPy 7 17
Bugs OALab Bug Tracker for OpenAleaLab 5 11
Feature Requests LPy Feature Requests for L-Py 1 3
Features Request visualea Features request for the user interface visualea 2 2
Bugs PkgIt Bug Tracker for PkgIt and Formulas 4 6
Feature Requests PkgIt Features request for PkgIt and Formulas 1 1
Feature Requests OALab Features request for OpenAlea Lab 0 0