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3353Incorrect behavior with x86 FPU configured in single precision* 2007-05-31 08:59NobodyVincent Lefèvre
13947GMP internals can make MPFR unusable* 2012-03-05 01:06NobodyVincent Lefèvre
14434HP-UX + cc requires -H option* 2012-06-19 16:54NobodyDaniel Richard G.
18228mpfr_get_str doesn't set exception flags* 2014-10-24 15:13NobodyVincent Lefèvre
18954The documentation for mpfr_swap should state that the significand pointers are swapped  2015-05-18 15:15NobodyStephan Tolksdorf
6214Analyse which functions don't use MPFR_SAVE_EXPO macros.* 2008-09-16 13:37NobodyPatrick PELISSIER
6212Overflow / Underflow bugs* 2008-09-16 13:35NobodyPatrick PELISSIER
6213mpfr_get_d / mpfr_set_d* 2008-09-16 13:36NobodyPatrick PELISSIER
6216Potential bugs -- To analyse* 2008-09-16 13:39NobodyPatrick PELISSIER
6215mpfr_hypot with very large arguments* 2008-09-16 13:38NobodyPatrick PELISSIER
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