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Id Summary Open Date Assigned to Submitted by
5491[Jessie] normalization of *for* loops with multiple updates* 2008-04-22 14:26NobodyNicolas Rousset
8070Assertion failure* 2009-06-17 13:14NobodyJacek Chrząszcz
9608[Jessie/Krakatoa]: alloc_extends missing after constructor call * 2010-02-12 19:23NobodyPeter Trommler
11387jessie plugin incorrect translation * 2010-11-03 20:07NobodyAlexey Kravets
11466[jessie] Incorrect loop translation (mutable_*)* 2010-11-24 11:43NobodyAlexey Kravets
11630[jessie] incorrect translation* 2010-12-25 14:53NobodyDenis Yefremov
12151[jessie] incorrect order of translation between types and lemmata* 2011-02-24 10:51NobodyVirgile Prevosto
15964[Krakatoa] Assertion failure while using "null"* 2013-06-28 22:15Claude MarchéEugene Kornykhin
21001fails to compile on non-native architectures* 2016-11-19 18:19NobodyRalf Treinen
21003fails to compile with parallel make* 2016-11-21 13:48NobodyRalf Treinen
21668Potential Bug of frama-c Jessie plug-in* 2018-05-18 15:05NobodyJianyang PAN
21687why: needs porting to why3* 2018-06-28 18:16NobodyRalf Treinen
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