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3946Grammar rewriting* 2007-09-07 07:22NobodyFrançois Tanguy
5186Kmt2Ecore: Add an option to check the package uri setting* 2008-03-04 14:26NobodyCyril Faucher
288Model prototyper* 2005-11-15 19:51NobodyDidier Vojtisek
4807project "clean" function should recheck all .kmt files in it* 2008-01-17 16:59NobodyVincent MAHE
4584Incomplete model loading capability* 2007-12-07 17:34NobodyFreddy Munoz
15392Migrate interpreter to Kermeta 2* 2013-02-14 14:40NobodyMatthias Schoettle
145implementation of deep and shallow clone* 2005-08-30 12:43Franck ChauvelDidier Vojtisek
160Call java programs from Kermeta* 2005-09-09 11:32Didier VojtisekDidier Vojtisek
1858Order of "using" statements in case of name conflicts* 2007-01-11 16:29NobodyDavid Touzet
2026Providing namespace context to dynamic expression* 2007-02-14 09:20NobodyDavid Touzet
2065Undocumented method should display/reuse the documentation of the operation * 2007-02-21 07:58NobodyDidier Vojtisek
2141auto register of ecore file declared in MDK plugins* 2007-03-01 09:08NobodyDidier Vojtisek
3111Error message when saving models that point to objects that are not part of their repository* 2007-04-11 14:17NobodyDavid Touzet
3417Clarification of the isSubType and isInstance meaning* 2007-06-12 09:05NobodyRafael Duarte
3443Error when calling isSubType method in a loaded model* 2007-06-15 12:02NobodyRafael Duarte
3532parameters in main operation* 2007-06-28 12:19NobodyClaudia Rostagnol
3868Conference Poster on Kermeta web site* 2007-08-24 13:25NobodyCyril Faucher
3873Extraction of aspects from a kmt and a ecore file* 2007-08-27 09:48NobodyCyril Faucher
3921add elsif in the textual syntax* 2007-09-03 07:27NobodyDidier Vojtisek
4222Method signature is too poor* 2007-10-23 15:28NobodyMartin Monperrus
4519Setting priorities while require models/metamodels* 2007-11-30 11:27NobodyGilles Perrouin
4571Highlight the non-used variables* 2007-12-06 20:27NobodyBrice Morin
4729Improvement while saving malformed models * 2007-12-24 18:40NobodyGilles Perrouin
4804KMT2KM2KMT operator writing handling* 2008-01-17 13:53NobodyFrançois Tanguy
5029What about a more detailled outline* 2008-02-07 07:27NobodyFrançois Tanguy
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