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Project description

Yael is a C/python/Matlab library providing optimized (multi-threaded, Blas/Lapack, low level optimization) implementations of computationally demanding functions, such as k-means and exact nearest neighbor search. See the Project home page for documentation.

Latest File Releases
Package Version Date Notes Download
Pkg: MAC localization v438 2016-03-18 Pkg: MAC localization - Release Notes Pkg: MAC localization v438 - Download
Pkg: Angular modulation v438 2014-11-25 Pkg: Angular modulation - Release Notes Pkg: Angular modulation v438 - Download
Pkg: Democratic kernels v311 2014-07-07 Pkg: Democratic kernels - Release Notes Pkg: Democratic kernels v311 - Download
Yael mini-demo 0.2 2014-05-19 Yael mini-demo - Release Notes Yael mini-demo 0.2 - Download
Pkg: VLAD v1845 2013-12-11 Pkg: VLAD - Release Notes Pkg: VLAD v1845 - Download
Pkg: Product quantization in Matlab v2188 2013-12-11 Pkg: Product quantization in Matlab - Release Notes Pkg: Product quantization in Matlab v2188 - Download
Pkg: Selective match kernels v289 2013-12-11 Pkg: Selective match kernels - Release Notes Pkg: Selective match kernels v289 - Download
Library yael v438 2014-10-29 Library yael - Release Notes Library yael v438 - Download