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Project description

LimSee3 is an open source authoring tool for multimedia documents. It features a powerful user interface and authoring model designed to ease the creation of complex time-based multimedia presentations. More on http://limsee3.gforge.inria.fr

Latest File Releases
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limsee3 images screenshots 2007-09-27 limsee3 images - Release Notes limsee3 images screenshots - Download
limsee3 snapshots v0.7.1 2007-12-13 limsee3 snapshots - Release Notes limsee3 snapshots v0.7.1 - Download
limsee3 v2.1 2009-02-16 limsee3 - Release Notes limsee3 v2.1 - Download
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Version 2.0 released

Jan Mikac - 2008-12-12 14:09 -

LimSee3 version 1.0 released

Jan Mikac - 2008-02-27 09:45 -

Version 0.5 released

Jan Mikac - 2007-04-05 07:24 -