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Project description

The LibMultiScale is a C++ parallel framework for the multiscale coupling methods dedicated to material simulations. This framework provides an API which makes it possible to program coupled simulations and integration of already existing codes.

Latest File Releases
Package Version Date Notes Download
lammps tar ball 21-MAY-08 2009-07-01 lammps tar ball - Release Notes lammps tar ball 21-MAY-08 - Download
useful-scripts gencrystal and analysePVF(1D) scripts 2007-09-12 useful-scripts - Release Notes useful-scripts gencrystal and analysePVF(1D) scripts - Download
externals-binaries externals-i386-lam 2007-09-05 externals-binaries - Release Notes externals-binaries externals-i386-lam - Download
externals-compile-tools libMPISeq 2007-09-10 externals-compile-tools - Release Notes externals-compile-tools libMPISeq - Download
libmultiscale libmultiscale-1.3 2008-06-03 libmultiscale - Release Notes libmultiscale libmultiscale-1.3 - Download
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New release

guillaume anciaux - 2008-06-04 07:09 -

LibMultiScale official Birth

guillaume anciaux - 2007-09-06 12:16 -