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Project description

fDSB is a ProActive/GCM component-based layer that allows independent distributed service buses (DSBs) to be federated to form an Internet wide federation of DSBs (the SOA4All fDSB). This code is developped as part of the European SOA4ALL project.

Project Information

Registered: 2011-01-20 08:44
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Latest File Releases
Package Version Date Notes Download
fdsb-demo-hello 1.0 2011-02-04 fdsb-demo-hello - Release Notes fdsb-demo-hello 1.0 - Download
petals-sample-clock 1.0 2011-02-04 petals-sample-clock - Release Notes petals-sample-clock 1.0 - Download
fdsb-federation 1.0-SNAPSHOT 2011-02-04 fdsb-federation - Release Notes fdsb-federation 1.0-SNAPSHOT - Download
soa4all-petals-distribution 1.0-SNAPSHOT 2011-02-04 soa4all-petals-distribution - Release Notes soa4all-petals-distribution 1.0-SNAPSHOT - Download
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