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BotsInc is the environment of the book Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots. With Bots Inc you will learn how to program robots in an interactive environment. Bots Inc is fun but it is not a toy, it teaches you 100% real programming.

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This project has not yet categorized itself in the Trove Software Map Registered: 2008-10-26 08:39
Activity Ranking: 100
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Images Visuals 2016-10-15 Images - Release Notes Images Visuals - Download
Resources BotsIncPresentationInGerman 2016-10-15 Resources - Release Notes Resources BotsIncPresentationInGerman - Download
SelectedChapters ch23 2016-10-15 SelectedChapters - Release Notes SelectedChapters ch23 - Download
ExerciseSolutions PC1 2016-10-15 ExerciseSolutions - Release Notes ExerciseSolutions PC1 - Download
BotsInc-Environments MacFr 2016-10-15 BotsInc-Environments - Release Notes BotsInc-Environments MacFr - Download
BotsInc-Video VideoReadMe 2010-08-26 BotsInc-Video - Release Notes BotsInc-Video VideoReadMe - Download
BotsInc-Catala BotsInc-Catala 2008-11-05 BotsInc-Catala - Release Notes BotsInc-Catala BotsInc-Catala - Download
BotsInc-EnglishOriginal Ready-OldJoeAndPica35 2010-08-25 BotsInc-EnglishOriginal - Release Notes BotsInc-EnglishOriginal Ready-OldJoeAndPica35 - Download
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