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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Thierry Gautier Contact Thierry Gautier Admin
Task 1443 Performance counters 101 Months Ago 75% done
Task 1444 Interface for global variable 100 Months Ago 95% done

pierrick brunet Contact pierrick brunet Admin

Pierre Neyron Contact Pierre Neyron Admin

Vincent Danjean Contact Vincent Danjean Admin
Bugs 15359 Comportement de katracereader incorrect 28 Months Ago 28 Months Ago
Bugs 15721 [cuda] ./configure does not detect correct libraries on 64-bits install 24 Months Ago 24 Months Ago
Task 1443 Performance counters 101 Months Ago 75% done

François Broquedis Contact François Broquedis Admin

Philippe Virouleau Contact Philippe Virouleau Admin

Mathias Ettinger Contact Mathias Ettinger Senior Developer

frédéric wagner Contact frédéric wagner Senior Developer

Clément Pernet Contact Clément Pernet Senior Developer

Guillaume Huard Contact Guillaume Huard Senior Developer

Marie Durand Contact Marie Durand Senior Developer

Grégory Mounié Contact Grégory Mounié Senior Developer

Hugo Guiroux Contact Hugo Guiroux Junior Developer

David Beniamine Contact David Beniamine Junior Developer

Nick Hockings Contact Nick Hockings Junior Developer

Joao Lima Contact Joao Lima Junior Developer

Raphaël Bleuse Contact Raphaël Bleuse Junior Developer

ziad sultan Contact ziad sultan Junior Developer

marwa sridi Contact marwa sridi Junior Developer

sebastien curt Contact sebastien curt Junior Developer

Jérémy Seguin Contact Jérémy Seguin Junior Developer

Léa Albert Contact Léa Albert Junior Developer

Serigne GRIFFIT-DEM Contact Serigne GRIFFIT-DEM Junior Developer