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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Antoine Reilles Contact Antoine Reilles Admin
Bugs 9651 distributed jars are not valid 130 Months Ago 129 Months Ago
Bugs 8556 erreur de compilation non signalée de gom 135 Months Ago 135 Months Ago
Pierre-Etienne Moreau Contact Pierre-Etienne Moreau Admin
Feature Requests 2084 Manual 166 Months Ago 166 Months Ago
Emilie Balland Contact Emilie Balland Admin
Task 2127 unit tests for optimizer 157 Months Ago 0% done
Jean-Christophe Bach Contact Jean-Christophe Bach Admin
Bugs 7008 add an unitary test for GomANTLRAdapter 144 Months Ago 144 Months Ago
Horatiu Cirstea Contact Horatiu Cirstea Admin, Junior Developer
Mark van den Brand Contact Mark van den Brand Senior Developer
Nick Vintila Contact Nick Vintila Senior Developer
Karl Trygve Kalleberg Contact Karl Trygve Kalleberg Senior Developer
Radu Kopetz Contact Radu Kopetz Senior Developer
Marc Pantel Contact Marc Pantel Senior Developer
Christophe CALVÈS Contact Christophe CALVÈS Senior Developer
Guillaume Burel Contact Guillaume Burel Junior Developer
Germain Faure Contact Germain Faure Junior Developer
Yohan Boichut Contact Yohan Boichut Junior Developer
Claudia Tavares Contact Claudia Tavares Junior Developer
Tony Bourdier Contact Tony Bourdier Junior Developer
Walid Belkhir Contact Walid Belkhir Junior Developer
Claude Kirchner Contact Claude Kirchner Junior Developer
Hubert Godfroy Contact Hubert Godfroy Junior Developer
Fellype Vedovato Contact Fellype Vedovato Junior Developer
Pierre Lermusiaux Contact Pierre Lermusiaux Junior Developer
yann Hortance Contact yann Hortance Junior Developer
Ahmad Abdelghany Contact Ahmad Abdelghany Junior Developer
Nicolas Roubertier Contact Nicolas Roubertier Junior Developer