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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Anne Auger Contact Anne Auger Admin
Nikolaus Hansen Contact Nikolaus Hansen Admin
Marc Schoenauer Contact Marc Schoenauer Admin
Ouassim AIT ELHARA Contact Ouassim AIT ELHARA Admin, Junior Developer
Dimo Brockhoff Contact Dimo Brockhoff Admin
Petr Pošík Contact Petr Pošík Senior Developer
Steffen Finck Contact Steffen Finck Senior Developer
Raymond Ros Contact Raymond Ros Senior Developer
Álvaro Fialho Contact Álvaro Fialho Senior Developer
Mike Preuss Contact Mike Preuss Senior Developer
Olaf Mersmann Contact Olaf Mersmann Senior Developer
Miguel Nicolau Contact Miguel Nicolau Senior Developer
Zyed Bouzarkouna Contact Zyed Bouzarkouna Senior Developer
Bernd Bischl Contact Bernd Bischl Senior Developer
Ilya Loshchilov Contact Ilya Loshchilov Senior Developer
Youhei Akimoto Contact Youhei Akimoto Senior Developer
Dejan Tusar Contact Dejan Tusar Senior Developer
Tea Tušar Contact Tea Tušar Senior Developer
Phillipe Sampaio Contact Phillipe Sampaio Senior Developer
Duc Manh NGUYEN Contact Duc Manh NGUYEN Senior Developer
Tobias Wagner Contact Tobias Wagner Senior Developer
Adrien Renaud Contact Adrien Renaud Senior Developer
Umut Batu Contact Umut Batu Senior Developer
Alexandre Chotard Contact Alexandre Chotard Junior Developer
Thanh-Do Tran Contact Thanh-Do Tran Junior Developer
Heike Trautmann Contact Heike Trautmann Junior Developer
Asma Atamna Contact Asma Atamna Junior Developer
Konstantinos Varelas Contact Konstantinos Varelas Junior Developer
Verena Heidrich-Meisner Contact Verena Heidrich-Meisner Doc Writer
Adrien Couetoux Contact Adrien Couetoux Support Tech