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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Anne Etien Contact Anne Etien Admin
Philippe Marquet Contact Philippe Marquet Admin
Alexis Muller Contact Alexis Muller Admin
Feature Requests 10396 Faire l'intégration 106 Months Ago 106 Months Ago
Vlad Rusu Contact Vlad Rusu Admin
Frédéric Guyomarc'h Contact Frédéric Guyomarc'h Admin
Abdoulaye Gamatié Contact Abdoulaye Gamatié Admin
Pierre Boulet Contact Pierre Boulet Admin
Cedric Dumoulin Contact Cedric Dumoulin Admin
Emmanuel Leguy Contact Emmanuel Leguy Admin
Samy Meftali Contact Samy Meftali Admin
thomas legrand Contact thomas legrand Admin
Jean-Luc dekeyser Contact Jean-Luc dekeyser Admin
adolf abdallah Contact adolf abdallah Senior Developer
Vincent Aranega Contact Vincent Aranega Senior Developer
Rabie Ben Atitallah Contact Rabie Ben Atitallah Senior Developer
rahma yangui Contact rahma yangui Senior Developer
Amine EL KOUHEN Contact Amine EL KOUHEN Senior Developer
Wendell RODRIGUES Contact Wendell RODRIGUES Senior Developer
Santhosh kumar Rethinagiri Contact Santhosh kumar Rethinagiri Senior Developer
Imran Rafiq Quadri Contact Imran Rafiq Quadri Senior Developer
Feature Requests 10397 Ecrire le générateur VHDL 106 Months Ago 106 Months Ago
Sana Cherif Contact Sana Cherif Senior Developer
Mouna Baklouti Contact Mouna Baklouti Senior Developer
chiraz trabelsi Contact chiraz trabelsi Senior Developer
Rosilde Corvino Contact Rosilde Corvino Senior Developer
majdi Elhajji Contact majdi Elhajji Senior Developer
Christophe CALVÈS Contact Christophe CALVÈS Senior Developer
Akli M. REDJEDAL Contact Akli M. REDJEDAL Junior Developer
Amen SOUISSI Contact Amen SOUISSI Junior Developer
adolf ware Contact adolf ware Junior Developer
Maxence Vandromme Contact Maxence Vandromme Junior Developer
Guillaume ROUSSEAU Contact Guillaume ROUSSEAU Junior Developer
David MENDEZ Contact David MENDEZ Junior Developer
Antonio Paolillo Contact Antonio Paolillo Junior Developer
Louis Bigo Contact Louis Bigo Support Tech
Huafeng Yu Contact Huafeng Yu Support Tech
Jean-Marie Mottu Contact Jean-Marie Mottu Support Tech
Nguyen Viet Hoa Contact Nguyen Viet Hoa Support Tech
amira hasnaoui Contact amira hasnaoui Support Tech
Sébastien Le Beux Contact Sébastien Le Beux Support Tech
souha kamoun Contact souha kamoun Support Tech
Julien Taillard Contact Julien Taillard Support Tech
Eric Piel_gf Contact Eric Piel_gf Support Tech
Léo DAVESNE Contact Léo DAVESNE Support Tech