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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Marwan Alsabri Contact Marwan Alsabri Junior Developer
Matt Blackmon Contact Matt Blackmon Junior Developer, Support Tech
Ian DEVESELEER Contact Ian DEVESELEER Junior Developer
Baptiste Rayssac Contact Baptiste Rayssac Junior Developer
Malo Toudic Contact Malo Toudic Junior Developer
Hilary Rama Contact Hilary Rama Junior Developer
Youn Cadoret Contact Youn Cadoret Junior Developer
benjamin carriou Contact benjamin carriou Junior Developer
Nicolas Bailliet Contact Nicolas Bailliet Junior Developer
Maxime ARIF Contact Maxime ARIF Junior Developer
Cédric PIETRAS Contact Cédric PIETRAS Junior Developer
Pascal Looijé Contact Pascal Looijé Junior Developer
Morane Lhoir Contact Morane Lhoir Junior Developer
Matthieu Bonnouvrier Contact Matthieu Bonnouvrier Junior Developer
Alain Eschlimann Contact Alain Eschlimann Junior Developer
Luc Chatty Contact Luc Chatty Junior Developer
Bill Majurski Contact Bill Majurski Admin
Steve Moore Contact Steve Moore Admin
Anne-Gaëlle BERGE Contact Anne-Gaëlle BERGE Admin
Eric Poiseau Contact Eric Poiseau Admin
Cédric Eoche-Duval Contact Cédric Eoche-Duval Admin, Senior Developer
Mary Jungers Contact Mary Jungers Senior Developer
Robert Snelick Contact Robert Snelick Senior Developer
Caroline Rosin Contact Caroline Rosin Senior Developer
Atsushi SUZUKI Contact Atsushi SUZUKI Senior Developer
Yoichi Takebayashi Contact Yoichi Takebayashi Senior Developer
Hiroko Itou Contact Hiroko Itou Senior Developer
Rizwan Tanoli Contact Rizwan Tanoli Senior Developer
Giorgio Cangioli Contact Giorgio Cangioli Senior Developer
Rasika Chitnis Contact Rasika Chitnis Senior Developer
Mika Myllyvirta Contact Mika Myllyvirta Senior Developer
Andrew McCaffrey Contact Andrew McCaffrey Senior Developer
Matt Kelsey Contact Matt Kelsey Senior Developer
Umberto Cappellini Contact Umberto Cappellini Senior Developer
chihiro maeda Contact chihiro maeda Senior Developer
Roch Bertucat Contact Roch Bertucat Senior Developer
takashi furudate Contact takashi furudate Senior Developer
Lisa Nelson Contact Lisa Nelson Senior Developer
Tony Schaller Contact Tony Schaller Senior Developer
Ville Niutanen Contact Ville Niutanen Senior Developer
David Maffitt Contact David Maffitt Senior Developer
Yutaka Sakane Contact Yutaka Sakane Senior Developer
Heikki Ruuska Contact Heikki Ruuska Senior Developer
Daigo Aoshima Contact Daigo Aoshima Senior Developer
Konstantin Hyppönen Contact Konstantin Hyppönen Senior Developer
John Rhoads Contact John Rhoads Senior Developer
Tareq Nabeel Contact Tareq Nabeel Senior Developer
Hitoshi Yoshimura Contact Hitoshi Yoshimura Senior Developer
gazelle CI Rennes Contact gazelle CI Rennes Senior Developer
Heiko Zimmermann Contact Heiko Zimmermann Senior Developer
Samuel Danhardt Contact Samuel Danhardt Senior Developer
Mike Indovina Contact Mike Indovina Senior Developer
Ken SATO Contact Ken SATO Senior Developer
Akinori TOGUCHI Contact Akinori TOGUCHI Senior Developer
Constantinos Simatos Contact Constantinos Simatos Senior Developer
Kostas Karkaletsis Contact Kostas Karkaletsis Senior Developer
Yacine Kereval Contact Yacine Kereval Senior Developer
Laurent Guédon Contact Laurent Guédon Senior Developer
Alain Ribault Contact Alain Ribault Senior Developer
Didier GUILLOU Contact Didier GUILLOU Senior Developer
Romain Lebouc Contact Romain Lebouc Senior Developer
Wylem Bars Contact Wylem Bars Senior Developer