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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Stephane Cotin Contact Stephane Cotin Admin, Researcher, Team-Shacra

Francois Faure Contact Francois Faure Admin, Researcher, Team-Imagine

Jeremie Allard Contact Jeremie Allard Admin, Researcher, Team-Shacra

Olivier Carré Contact Olivier Carré Admin, Engineer, Team-Imagine

Hervé DELINGETTE Contact Hervé DELINGETTE Admin, Researcher, Team-Asclepios

Bruno Carrez Contact Bruno Carrez Admin, Engineer, Team-Shacra

Christian Duriez Contact Christian Duriez Admin, Researcher, Team-Shacra

Jeremie Dequidt Contact Jeremie Dequidt Admin, Researcher, Team-Shacra

Hannah Carbonnier Contact Hannah Carbonnier Admin, Engineer, Team-SED-Sophia

Jean-Christophe Lombardo Contact Jean-Christophe Lombardo Admin, Engineer, Team-SED-Sophia

Matthieu Nesme Contact Matthieu Nesme Admin, Team-Imagine

Francois Faure Contact Francois Faure Admin

Benjamin Gilles Contact Benjamin Gilles Admin, Researcher, Team-Demar

Dicko Ali Hamadi Contact Dicko Ali Hamadi Admin, Ph.D. Student, Team-Imagine

Marc Legendre Contact Marc Legendre Admin, Junior Developer, Team-Shacra

Eulalie Coevoet Contact Eulalie Coevoet Admin, Engineer

saman sarrami Contact saman sarrami Admin

Maxime Sermesant Contact Maxime Sermesant Researcher, Senior Developer, Team-Asclepios

Palombi Olivier Contact Palombi Olivier Senior Developer, Team-Imagine

Marie Durand Contact Marie Durand Senior Developer, Team-Imagine

Damien Marchal Contact Damien Marchal Senior Developer, Team-Shacra

Maud Marchal Contact Maud Marchal Senior Developer

Remi Ronfard Contact Remi Ronfard Senior Developer

Jérémy Jaussaud Contact Jérémy Jaussaud Senior Developer

Aurélie Dégletagne Contact Aurélie Dégletagne Senior Developer

Bot InSimo Contact Bot InSimo Senior Developer, Team-InSimo

Geoffrey LIENHART Contact Geoffrey LIENHART Senior Developer, Team-InSimo

Federico Ulliana Contact Federico Ulliana Post-doc, Senior Developer

Emmanuel Jeanvoine Contact Emmanuel Jeanvoine Engineer, Senior Developer

Amin Mahdi Souzani Contact Amin Mahdi Souzani Junior Developer

Stephanie marchesseau Contact Stephanie marchesseau Junior Developer

Matthias De Bie Contact Matthias De Bie Junior Developer, Team-Shacra

Clément Mattia Contact Clément Mattia Junior Developer

nessrine chebbi Contact nessrine chebbi Junior Developer

audigier chloe Contact audigier chloe Junior Developer

Sonia Durand Contact Sonia Durand Junior Developer

Rocio Cabrera Lozoya Contact Rocio Cabrera Lozoya Junior Developer

jean-rémi Gaudin Contact jean-rémi Gaudin Junior Developer

Laura Paiardini Contact Laura Paiardini Junior Developer, Team-Imagine

Moreno Trlin Contact Moreno Trlin Junior Developer, Team-Imagine

Rosalie Plantefeve Contact Rosalie Plantefeve Junior Developer, Team-IHU-Strasbourg

Rémi Bessard Duparc Contact Rémi Bessard Duparc Junior Developer, WordPress Editor

Vincent Douchez Contact Vincent Douchez Engineer, Junior Developer

LEROY Vincent Contact LEROY Vincent Junior Developer

Tony Galloy Contact Tony Galloy Intern, Junior Developer

SOFA Bot Contact SOFA Bot ReadOnly

SOFA CI Bot Contact SOFA CI Bot ReadOnly

Lionel Reveret Contact Lionel Reveret Researcher, Team-Morpheo

Patrick Charrier Contact Patrick Charrier External contributor, Ph.D. Student

Nadine Dommanget Contact Nadine Dommanget Company-Teamto, External contributor

Anis Refoufi Contact Anis Refoufi Company-ArtefactsStudio, External contributor

Nick Hockings Contact Nick Hockings External contributor

Michel Audette Contact Michel Audette External contributor

Greg Ruthenbeck Contact Greg Ruthenbeck External contributor

hadrien courtecuisse Contact hadrien courtecuisse External contributor, WordPress Editor

Xunlei Wu Contact Xunlei Wu External contributor

Paul KRY Contact Paul KRY External contributor, Researcher

Bin Wang Contact Bin Wang External contributor, Post-doc

Cédric Guérin Contact Cédric Guérin Company-ArtefactsStudio, External contributor

Kevin Sillam Contact Kevin Sillam Company-Teamto, External contributor

Morgan Armand Contact Morgan Armand Alumni, External contributor

Sylvain Turc Contact Sylvain Turc Engineer, External contributor

César Mendoza Contact César Mendoza Company-ArtefactsStudio, External contributor

Grégoire Cattan Contact Grégoire Cattan Company-ArtefactsStudio, External contributor

Christophe Guébert Contact Christophe Guébert Post-doc, Team-Digital-Trainers

Igor Peterlik Contact Igor Peterlik Post-doc, Team-Shacra

Maxime Tournier Contact Maxime Tournier Post-doc, Team-Demar

Olivier Goury Contact Olivier Goury Post-doc

Guillaume Bousquet Contact Guillaume Bousquet Ph.D. Student, Team-Imagine

Julien Bosman Contact Julien Bosman Ph.D. Student, Team-Shacra

Ahmed Yureidini Contact Ahmed Yureidini Ph.D. Student, Team-Shacra

Zhifan Jiang Contact Zhifan Jiang Ph.D. Student, Team-Shacra

Mouhamadou DIALLO Contact Mouhamadou DIALLO Ph.D. Student, Team-Shacra

Vincent Majorczyk Contact Vincent Majorczyk Ph.D. Student, Team-Shacra

Alexandre Bilger Contact Alexandre Bilger Ph.D. Student, Team-Shacra

Hugo TALBOT Contact Hugo TALBOT Ph.D. Student, Team-Asclepios, Team-Shacra

Pierre-Luc Manteaux Contact Pierre-Luc Manteaux Ph.D. Student, Team-Imagine

Richard Malgat Contact Richard Malgat Ph.D. Student, Team-Imagine

Armelle Bauer Contact Armelle Bauer Ph.D. Student, Team-Imagine

Frédérick Largillière Contact Frédérick Largillière Ph.D. Student

Christoph Joachim PAULUS Contact Christoph Joachim PAULUS Ph.D. Student, Team-Shacra

Huu Phuoc BUI Contact Huu Phuoc BUI Ph.D. Student, WordPress Editor

Julio Toss Contact Julio Toss Ph.D. Student

Thor Morales Bieze Contact Thor Morales Bieze Ph.D. Student

Baptiste Moreau Contact Baptiste Moreau Ph.D. Student

Benoît Le Gouis Contact Benoît Le Gouis Intern, Team-SED-Rennes


Pierre Saoudi Contact Pierre Saoudi Intern, Team-Imagine

somia harid Contact somia harid Intern, Team-Imagine

Kevin Chappellet Contact Kevin Chappellet Intern, Team-Imagine

Jerome Lemoine Contact Jerome Lemoine Intern, Team-Imagine

Mario SanzLopez Contact Mario SanzLopez Engineer, Team-Shacra

Juan Pablo de la Plata Contact Juan Pablo de la Plata Engineer, Team-InSimo

Erik Pernod Contact Erik Pernod Alumni, Engineer, Team-Belcurves

François Jourdes Contact François Jourdes Engineer, Team-Imagine

Pierre-Jean Bensoussan Contact Pierre-Jean Bensoussan Engineer, Team-Digital-Trainers

Federico Spadoni Contact Federico Spadoni Engineer, Team-Asclepios

Thomas Lemaire Contact Thomas Lemaire Engineer, Team-Imagine

Etienne Schmitt Contact Etienne Schmitt Engineer, Team-IHU-Strasbourg, WordPress Editor

Romain Testylier Contact Romain Testylier Engineer, Team-Imagine


Alexandre Di Pino Contact Alexandre Di Pino Engineer, Team-InSimo

Piotr Sordyl Contact Piotr Sordyl Engineer

Frederick Van Meer Contact Frederick Van Meer Engineer

Piotr Zambrzycki Contact Piotr Zambrzycki Company-ArtefactsStudio, Engineer

thomas dupeux Contact thomas dupeux Engineer, Team-Imagine

Bruno Marques Contact Bruno Marques Engineer, Team-Shacra

Yinoussa ADAGOLODJO Contact Yinoussa ADAGOLODJO Engineer, WordPress Editor

Evan Barentin Contact Evan Barentin Engineer, Team-Imagine

Sophie Giffard-Roisin Contact Sophie Giffard-Roisin Team-Asclepios

Frédérick ROY Contact Frédérick ROY Alumni, Team-Shacra

Yiyi WEI Contact Yiyi WEI Alumni, Team-Shacra

Olivier Comas Contact Olivier Comas Alumni, Team-Shacra

Tomáš Golembiovský Contact Tomáš Golembiovský Team-Shacra

Nazim Haouchine Contact Nazim Haouchine Team-Shacra

François Dervaux Contact François Dervaux Team-Shacra

Michaël Adam Contact Michaël Adam Alumni, Team-Imagine

Clément Forest Contact Clément Forest Researcher, Team-Digital-Trainers

Frédéric Château Contact Frédéric Château Alumni

Everton Hermann Contact Everton Hermann Alumni

Erwan Kerrien Contact Erwan Kerrien Researcher

Frederic Boudon Contact Frederic Boudon Researcher