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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Olivier Ruatta Contact Olivier Ruatta Admin
Task 2525 Daily verification 159 Months Ago 0% done
Joris van der Hoeven Contact Joris van der Hoeven Admin
Task 2617 Update web server 158 Months Ago 0% done
Grégoire Lecerf Contact Grégoire Lecerf Admin
Denis Raux Contact Denis Raux Admin
Bernard Mourrain Contact Bernard Mourrain Admin
Hodorog Madalina Contact Hodorog Madalina Senior Developer
Alexandre Sedoglavic Contact Alexandre Sedoglavic Senior Developer
Elias Tsigaridas Contact Elias Tsigaridas Senior Developer
Dario Bini Contact Dario Bini Senior Developer
Adrien Poteaux Contact Adrien Poteaux Senior Developer
Joachim Dehais Contact Joachim Dehais Senior Developer
Meriadeg Perrinel Contact Meriadeg Perrinel Senior Developer
Dongming Yan Contact Dongming Yan Senior Developer
Szilvia Bela Contact Szilvia Bela Senior Developer
Johan Seland Contact Johan Seland Senior Developer
Julie Puig Contact Julie Puig Senior Developer
daouda niang diatta Contact daouda niang diatta Senior Developer
Przemysław Dobrowolski Contact Przemysław Dobrowolski Senior Developer
Marc Mezzarobba Contact Marc Mezzarobba Senior Developer
Mohab Safey El Din Contact Mohab Safey El Din Senior Developer
Philippe Trebuchet Contact Philippe Trebuchet Senior Developer
Julien Wintz Contact Julien Wintz Senior Developer
Tino Schulz Contact Tino Schulz Senior Developer
Laurent Busé Contact Laurent Busé Senior Developer
marta abril bucero Contact marta abril bucero Senior Developer
Valentin Michelet Contact Valentin Michelet Senior Developer
Ducoffe Anais Contact Ducoffe Anais Senior Developer
François Boulier Contact François Boulier Senior Developer
Laura Saini Contact Laura Saini Senior Developer
Suzy Maddah Contact Suzy Maddah Senior Developer
Nathan Clement Contact Nathan Clement Senior Developer
Luu Thang Contact Luu Thang Junior Developer
Raouf Dridi Contact Raouf Dridi Junior Developer
Angelos Mantzaflaris Contact Angelos Mantzaflaris Junior Developer
Ibrahim Adamou Contact Ibrahim Adamou Junior Developer
Francis Jamet Contact Francis Jamet Junior Developer
Guillaume Quintin Contact Guillaume Quintin Junior Developer
Walter Pauls Contact Walter Pauls Junior Developer
Jeremy Berthomieu Contact Jeremy Berthomieu Junior Developer
matthieu dien Contact matthieu dien Junior Developer
Renan Calmet Contact Renan Calmet Junior Developer
Timothy DeVries Contact Timothy DeVries Junior Developer
Romain Lebreton Contact Romain Lebreton Junior Developer
Georgios Tzoumas Contact Georgios Tzoumas Junior Developer
Bruno Grenet Contact Bruno Grenet Junior Developer
Robin Larrieu Contact Robin Larrieu Junior Developer