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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Antoine MORVAN Contact Antoine MORVAN Admin
Bugs 11406 Bug whle unrolling in stereo_bp project 105 Months Ago 104 Months Ago
Task 3917 Improve #include support for S2S 115 Months Ago 0% done
Steven DERRIEN Contact Steven DERRIEN Admin
Bugs 11128 CloogGecosBridge - Conflicting index name 107 Months Ago 107 Months Ago
Bugs 9824 Housekeeping with SwitchVistors 113 Months Ago 85 Months Ago
Task 3917 Improve #include support for S2S 115 Months Ago 0% done
Laurent Perraudeau Contact Laurent Perraudeau Admin
Ali Hassan EL MOUSSAWI Contact Ali Hassan EL MOUSSAWI Admin
Tomofumi Yuki Contact Tomofumi Yuki Admin
Nicolas Simon Contact Nicolas Simon Admin
Mickaël Dardaillon Contact Mickaël Dardaillon Admin, Senior Developer
Yun Zou Contact Yun Zou Senior Developer
Benoit Combemale Contact Benoit Combemale Senior Developer
Quentin Meunier Contact Quentin Meunier Senior Developer
Guillaume Iooss Contact Guillaume Iooss Senior Developer
Mythri Alle Contact Mythri Alle Senior Developer
Louis Rabiet Contact Louis Rabiet Senior Developer
Gaël Deest Contact Gaël Deest Senior Developer
Vamsi Tandrapati Contact Vamsi Tandrapati Senior Developer
Leyton EDGINTON-KING Contact Leyton EDGINTON-KING Senior Developer
Benjamin Rouxel Contact Benjamin Rouxel Senior Developer
George Goulas Contact George Goulas Senior Developer
Simon Rokicki Contact Simon Rokicki Senior Developer
Nicolas Estibals Contact Nicolas Estibals Senior Developer
Oliver Oey Contact Oliver Oey Senior Developer
imen fassi Contact imen fassi Senior Developer
Michael Rueckauer Contact Michael Rueckauer Senior Developer
Simon Reder Contact Simon Reder Senior Developer
Isabelle Puaut Contact Isabelle Puaut Senior Developer
Stefanos Skalistis Contact Stefanos Skalistis Senior Developer
Christophe Wolinski Contact Christophe Wolinski Support Tech
Olivier Sentieys Contact Olivier Sentieys Support Tech
Patrice Quinton Contact Patrice Quinton Support Tech
Daniel Menard Contact Daniel Menard Support Tech
Sanjay Rajopadhye Contact Sanjay Rajopadhye Support Tech
Didier Vojtisek Contact Didier Vojtisek Support Tech
NEGRE Didier Contact NEGRE Didier Junior Developer
Mathias Fleury Contact Mathias Fleury Junior Developer
Corentin Hardy Contact Corentin Hardy Junior Developer
Claude Stolze Contact Claude Stolze Junior Developer
vannier pierre Contact vannier pierre Junior Developer
Vincent CHARRADE Contact Vincent CHARRADE Junior Developer
Yohann UGUEN Contact Yohann UGUEN Junior Developer
Tadeu Manoel Contact Tadeu Manoel Junior Developer
josh moulton Contact josh moulton Junior Developer
Mmanu Chaturvedi Contact Mmanu Chaturvedi Junior Developer
Waruna Ranasinghe Contact Waruna Ranasinghe Junior Developer
Nirmal Prajapati Contact Nirmal Prajapati Junior Developer
Tian Jin Contact Tian Jin Junior Developer
Corentin Ferry Contact Corentin Ferry Junior Developer
thomas lefeuvre Contact thomas lefeuvre Junior Developer
bot gecos-ci Contact bot gecos-ci Junior Developer
Kevin Martin Contact Kevin Martin veteran
Jérémie Guillot Contact Jérémie Guillot veteran
Erwan Raffin Contact Erwan Raffin veteran
Simara Perez Contact Simara Perez veteran
vamshi basupalli Contact vamshi basupalli veteran
Nacim Sagar Contact Nacim Sagar veteran
Adeel Pasha Contact Adeel Pasha veteran
Maxime NAULLET Contact Maxime NAULLET veteran
Ludovic L'Hours Contact Ludovic L'Hours veteran
Antoine Floch Contact Antoine Floch veteran
Clément Guy Contact Clément Guy veteran
andrei banciu Contact andrei banciu veteran
Naeem Abbas Contact Naeem Abbas veteran
Chenglong XIAO Contact Chenglong XIAO veteran
Florian Berthau Contact Florian Berthau veteran