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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Didier Vojtisek Contact Didier Vojtisek Admin
Benoit Combemale Contact Benoit Combemale Admin
Benoit Baudry Contact Benoit Baudry Admin
Julien DeAntoni Contact Julien DeAntoni Admin
Olivier Barais Contact Olivier Barais Admin
François Tanguy Contact François Tanguy Admin
Erwan Bousse Contact Erwan Bousse Admin
Joel Champeau Contact Joel Champeau Developer
Cédric Brun Contact Cédric Brun Developer
jérôme LE NOIR Contact jérôme LE NOIR Developer
Florent Latombe Contact Florent Latombe Developer
Matias Vara Larsen Contact Matias Vara Larsen Developer
Frédéric MALLET Contact Frédéric MALLET Developer
Jean-Christophe Le Lann Contact Jean-Christophe Le Lann Developer
Gemoc Gemoc Contact Gemoc Gemoc Developer
Jean-Christophe Le Lann Contact Jean-Christophe Le Lann Developer
joel champeau Contact joel champeau Developer
Christophe Jacquet Contact Christophe Jacquet Developer
Frédéric Boulanger Contact Frédéric Boulanger Developer
Jean-Charles Roger Contact Jean-Charles Roger Developer
Papa Issa DIALLO Contact Papa Issa DIALLO Developer
Xavier Crégut Contact Xavier Crégut Developer
Marc Pantel Contact Marc Pantel Developer
Jean-Philippe SCHNEIDER Contact Jean-Philippe SCHNEIDER Developer
Mélanie Bats Contact Mélanie Bats Developer
Nicolas Chleq Contact Nicolas Chleq Developer
Stephen Creff Contact Stephen Creff Developer
Yvan Lussaud Contact Yvan Lussaud Developer
Arthur Manoha Contact Arthur Manoha Developer
Thomas Degueule Contact Thomas Degueule Developer
louis-marie guillemot Contact louis-marie guillemot Developer
Ciprian TEODOROV Contact Ciprian TEODOROV Developer
Moussa AMRANI Contact Moussa AMRANI Developer
Fabien Coulon Contact Fabien Coulon Developer
Antonio Vallecillo Contact Antonio Vallecillo Developer
Frédéric Mallet Contact Frédéric Mallet Developer
Sébastien Madelénat Contact Sébastien Madelénat Developer
Jonathan Corley Contact Jonathan Corley Developer
Tanja Mayerhofer Contact Tanja Mayerhofer Developer
Melanie Nothmüller Contact Melanie Nothmüller Developer
Christoph Kubin Contact Christoph Kubin Developer
Dorian Leroy Contact Dorian Leroy Developer
Vincent LEILDE Contact Vincent LEILDE Developer