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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Jens Gustedt Contact Jens Gustedt Admin
Emmanuel Jeanvoine Contact Emmanuel Jeanvoine developer
Pierre-Nicolas Clauss Contact Pierre-Nicolas Clauss developer
Stéphane VIALLE Contact Stéphane VIALLE developer
Rodrigo Campos Contact Rodrigo Campos developer
Daniel Salas Contact Daniel Salas developer
Soumeya Hernane Contact Soumeya Hernane developer
Farouk Mansouri Contact Farouk Mansouri developer
Mariem Saied Contact Mariem Saied developer
Isabelle PERSEIL Contact Isabelle PERSEIL developer
Stephane Genaud Contact Stephane Genaud tester