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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Laurence Rideau Contact Laurence Rideau Senior Developer
Andrew Kennedy Contact Andrew Kennedy Senior Developer
Thierry Coquand Contact Thierry Coquand Senior Developer
Keiko Nakata Contact Keiko Nakata Senior Developer
Aleksandar Nanevski Contact Aleksandar Nanevski Senior Developer
Jose Grimm Contact Jose Grimm Senior Developer
Andrea Asperti Contact Andrea Asperti Senior Developer
Ioana Pasca Contact Ioana Pasca Senior Developer
Roland Zumkeller Contact Roland Zumkeller Senior Developer
Russell O'Connor Contact Russell O'Connor Senior Developer
François Garillot Contact François Garillot Senior Developer
Benjamin Werner Contact Benjamin Werner Senior Developer
Jorik Mandemaker Contact Jorik Mandemaker Senior Developer
Sophie Bernard Contact Sophie Bernard , Junior Developer
Pierre Boutry Contact Pierre Boutry , Junior Developer
vladimir voevodsky Contact vladimir voevodsky Junior Developer
Chantal Keller Contact Chantal Keller Junior Developer
Benjamin Gregoire Contact Benjamin Gregoire Junior Developer
Reynald Affeldt Contact Reynald Affeldt Junior Developer
Salil Joshi Contact Salil Joshi Junior Developer
Erik Martin-Dorel Contact Erik Martin-Dorel Junior Developer
Maxime Dénès Contact Maxime Dénès Junior Developer
Frédéric Chyzak Contact Frédéric Chyzak Junior Developer
Thomas Sibut-Pinote Contact Thomas Sibut-Pinote Junior Developer
Iro Bartzia Contact Iro Bartzia Junior Developer
Alexey Solovyev Contact Alexey Solovyev Junior Developer
Guillaume Cano Contact Guillaume Cano Junior Developer
Benjamin Lesage Contact Benjamin Lesage Junior Developer
Anders Mörtberg Contact Anders Mörtberg Junior Developer
Vladimir Komendantsky Contact Vladimir Komendantsky Junior Developer
Jeremy Avigad Contact Jeremy Avigad Junior Developer
Vincent Siles Contact Vincent Siles Junior Developer
Matthieu Sozeau Contact Matthieu Sozeau Junior Developer
Guillaume Melquiond Contact Guillaume Melquiond Junior Developer
Nick Benton Contact Nick Benton Junior Developer
Pierre-Yves Strub Contact Pierre-Yves Strub Junior Developer
Hydra Continuous Integration Contact Hydra Continuous Integration Junior Developer
Beta Ziliani Contact Beta Ziliani Junior Developer
Julianna Zsido Contact Julianna Zsido Junior Developer
Sidi Ould Biha Contact Sidi Ould Biha Junior Developer
Stéphane Le Roux Contact Stéphane Le Roux Junior Developer
Sean McLaughlin Contact Sean McLaughlin Junior Developer
Peng Wang Contact Peng Wang Junior Developer
Gabriel Lewertowski Contact Gabriel Lewertowski , Junior Developer
Boris Djalal Contact Boris Djalal Junior Developer
Amy Felty Contact Amy Felty
Laurent Théry Contact Laurent Théry , Admin
Yves Bertot Contact Yves Bertot Admin
Georges Gonthier Contact Georges Gonthier Admin
Assia Mahboubi Contact Assia Mahboubi Admin
Cyril Cohen Contact Cyril Cohen Admin
Enrico Tassi Contact Enrico Tassi Admin
Henryk Michalewski Contact Henryk Michalewski Observer