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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Bruno Guillaume Contact Bruno Guillaume Admin
Bugs 20909 problème des nouveau traits adv_... 36 Months Ago 36 Months Ago
Bugs 20812 problème de la syntaxe X.feat 37 Months Ago 37 Months Ago
Bugs 20495 Plus de couleurs et plus de postions basses des dépendances 40 Months Ago 40 Months Ago
Bugs 19520 "[string-to-float] cannot convert 50 Months Ago 50 Months Ago
Bugs 19297 Effacement des arcs sans étiquette 52 Months Ago 52 Months Ago
Bugs 17606 Noms commençant par une majuscule en début de phrase 65 Months Ago 65 Months Ago
Bugs 15111 bug GUI 84 Months Ago 84 Months Ago
Paul Bedaride Contact Paul Bedaride Senior Developer
Karen Fort Contact Karen Fort Senior Developer
Guy Perrier Contact Guy Perrier Senior Developer
Eric Le Morvan Contact Eric Le Morvan Senior Developer
Maxime amblard Contact Maxime amblard Senior Developer
Mathieu Morey Contact Mathieu Morey Senior Developer
Philippe de Groote Contact Philippe de Groote Senior Developer
Sylvain Pogodalla Contact Sylvain Pogodalla Senior Developer
Paul MASSON Contact Paul MASSON Senior Developer
florian besnard Contact florian besnard Senior Developer
Tatiana Ekeinhor Contact Tatiana Ekeinhor Senior Developer
Paul MASSON Contact Paul MASSON Senior Developer
Valentin STERN Contact Valentin STERN Senior Developer
Mikaël Monet Contact Mikaël Monet Senior Developer
Antoine Chemardin Contact Antoine Chemardin Senior Developer
Nicolas Lefebvre Contact Nicolas Lefebvre Senior Developer