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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Olivier Aumage Contact Olivier Aumage Admin
Nathalie Furmento Contact Nathalie Furmento Admin
Alexandre Denis Contact Alexandre Denis Admin
Raymond Namyst Contact Raymond Namyst Senior Developer
Ludovic Courtès Contact Ludovic Courtès Senior Developer
Vincent Danjean Contact Vincent Danjean Senior Developer
Samuel Thibault Contact Samuel Thibault Junior Developer
Pierre André Wacrenier Contact Pierre André Wacrenier Junior Developer
Elies Bergounioux Contact Elies Bergounioux Junior Developer
Cédric Augonnet Contact Cédric Augonnet Junior Developer
François Trahay Contact François Trahay Junior Developer
Stéphanie Moreaud Contact Stéphanie Moreaud Junior Developer
Marc PERACHE Contact Marc PERACHE Junior Developer
Brice Goglin Contact Brice Goglin Junior Developer
Mathieu Faverge Contact Mathieu Faverge Junior Developer
Jérôme Clet-Ortega Contact Jérôme Clet-Ortega Junior Developer
François Broquedis Contact François Broquedis Junior Developer
sebastien barascou Contact sebastien barascou Junior Developer
Élisabeth Brunet Contact Élisabeth Brunet Junior Developer
Guillaume Mercier Contact Guillaume Mercier Junior Developer
Clément Foyer Contact Clément Foyer Junior Developer
Guillaume Beauchamp Contact Guillaume Beauchamp Junior Developer
Adrien Guilbaud Contact Adrien Guilbaud Junior Developer
Florian Reynier Contact Florian Reynier Junior Developer
Philippe SWARTVAGHER Contact Philippe SWARTVAGHER Junior Developer