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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Gwenaël Delaval Contact Gwenaël Delaval Admin
Bertrand Jeannet Contact Bertrand Jeannet Senior Developer
Alain Girault Contact Alain Girault Senior Developer
Mehdi Dogguy Contact Mehdi Dogguy Senior Developer
Peter Schrammel Contact Peter Schrammel Senior Developer
Louis Mandel Contact Louis Mandel Senior Developer
Valentin Perrelle Contact Valentin Perrelle Senior Developer
Nicolas Berthier Contact Nicolas Berthier Senior Developer
Vincent Thiberville Contact Vincent Thiberville Senior Developer
Wei-Tsun Sun Contact Wei-Tsun Sun Senior Developer
Xavier Nicollin Contact Xavier Nicollin Senior Developer
Adrien Guatto Contact Adrien Guatto Senior Developer
Bugs 13975 Bug dans les structures literales. 86 Months Ago 84 Months Ago
Léonard Gérard Contact Léonard Gérard Senior Developer
Bugs 11060 base_ty et ty :) 105 Months Ago 90 Months Ago
Cédric Pasteur Contact Cédric Pasteur Senior Developer
Bugs 13429 Causalite du if avec typage lineaire 91 Months Ago 91 Months Ago
Marc Pouzet Contact Marc Pouzet Senior Developer
Timothy Bourke Contact Timothy Bourke Senior Developer
Zhen ZHANG Contact Zhen ZHANG Senior Developer
Valentin Lorentz Contact Valentin Lorentz Senior Developer
Frederico Alvares Contact Frederico Alvares Senior Developer
Soguy Mak-karé GUEYE Contact Soguy Mak-karé GUEYE Senior Developer
Dumitru Potop-Butucaru Contact Dumitru Potop-Butucaru Senior Developer
Mihail Asavoae Contact Mihail Asavoae Senior Developer
Guillaume Iooss Contact Guillaume Iooss Senior Developer
Adja SYLLA Contact Adja SYLLA Senior Developer
Nicolas Nalpon Contact Nicolas Nalpon Senior Developer
Brice Gelineau Contact Brice Gelineau Junior Developer
François Gindraud Contact François Gindraud Junior Developer
Guillaume Chelfi Contact Guillaume Chelfi Junior Developer
Cédric AUGER Contact Cédric AUGER Junior Developer
Nhat Minh Lê Contact Nhat Minh Lê Junior Developer
Guillaume Baudart Contact Guillaume Baudart Junior Developer
Vijay Keswani Contact Vijay Keswani Junior Developer
Siddharth Prusty Contact Siddharth Prusty Junior Developer
Albert Cohen Contact Albert Cohen Junior Developer
Seydou Coulibaly Contact Seydou Coulibaly Junior Developer
Lélio Brun Contact Lélio Brun Junior Developer
Ivan Rasoamananjara Contact Ivan Rasoamananjara Read Only