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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Pierrick Gaudry Contact Pierrick Gaudry Admin
Emmanuel Thomé Contact Emmanuel Thomé Admin
Bugs 21688 Timings reported by las can be negative 2 Months Ago 2 Months Ago
Bugs 21406 bwc.pl wants absolute paths while it should also cope with relative 13 Months Ago 13 Months Ago
Bugs 21397 shared_ptr should not be imported from libc++ with no guarantee we're c++11. 14 Months Ago 2 Months Ago
Bugs 21363 krylov random_matrix=... gives wrong density 15 Months Ago 15 Months Ago
Bugs 21042 real time reported for linear algebra is nonsense 21 Months Ago 21 Months Ago
Bugs 20889 some bwc binaries are very fat. 23 Months Ago 23 Months Ago
Bugs 18739 database hang, http server refusing connections for several minutes 43 Months Ago 34 Months Ago
Feature Requests 21413 [linalg] reduce the memory usage of checkpoints 13 Months Ago 11 Months Ago
Jérémie Detrey Contact Jérémie Detrey Senior Developer
Alexander Kruppa Contact Alexander Kruppa Senior Developer
F. Morain Contact F. Morain Senior Developer
Shi Bai Contact Shi Bai Senior Developer
Feature Requests 21542 discrepancy between root-sieved alpha and true alpha 10 Months Ago 10 Months Ago
Feature Requests 21541 test for root sieve 10 Months Ago 10 Months Ago
Feature Requests 21540 finishing branch ropt_dev 10 Months Ago 10 Months Ago
Paul Zimmermann Contact Paul Zimmermann Senior Developer
Bugs 19261 cadofactor complains about clients it just launched in multiple groups 39 Months Ago 34 Months Ago
Cyril Bouvier Contact Cyril Bouvier Senior Developer
Marion Videau Contact Marion Videau Senior Developer
Laurent Imbert Contact Laurent Imbert Senior Developer
Aurore Guillevic Contact Aurore Guillevic Senior Developer
thomas RICHARD Contact thomas RICHARD Senior Developer
Nadia Heninger Contact Nadia Heninger Senior Developer
Christophe Clavier Contact Christophe Clavier Senior Developer
Laurent Grémy Contact Laurent Grémy Senior Developer