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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Vincent Danjean Contact Vincent Danjean Admin
Florence Perronnin Contact Florence Perronnin Admin
Pierre Neyron Contact Pierre Neyron Admin
Jean-Marc Vincent Contact Jean-Marc Vincent Admin
Guillaume Huard Contact Guillaume Huard Admin
Benjamin Briot Contact Benjamin Briot Admin, Senior Developer
Bugs 18620 Make uninstall 53 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Florentine Dubois Contact Florentine Dubois Senior Developer
Ana Busic Contact Ana Busic Senior Developer
Arnaud Legrand Contact Arnaud Legrand Senior Developer
Irina Nicolae Contact Irina Nicolae Senior Developer
Anne Bouillard Contact Anne Bouillard Senior Developer
Noémie Sidaner Contact Noémie Sidaner Senior Developer
Nihal Pekergin Contact Nihal Pekergin Senior Developer
Minh Quan HO Contact Minh Quan HO Senior Developer
Bruno Gaujal Contact Bruno Gaujal Senior Developer
Jérôme Vienne Contact Jérôme Vienne Senior Developer
Task 1654 Modification Psi2 148 Months Ago 10% done
Florian Lévêque Contact Florian Lévêque Senior Developer
Gael Gorgo Contact Gael Gorgo Senior Developer
Thais Webber Contact Thais Webber Senior Developer
Alain Jean-Marie Contact Alain Jean-Marie Senior Developer
Kelly Rosa Braghetto Contact Kelly Rosa Braghetto Senior Developer
Marion Dalle Contact Marion Dalle Junior Developer, Senior Developer
Issam RABHI Contact Issam RABHI Senior Developer
Angelika Studeny Contact Angelika Studeny Senior Developer
Joaquim Assunção Contact Joaquim Assunção Senior Developer
David Beniamine Contact David Beniamine Senior Developer
Arnaud Panaiotis Contact Arnaud Panaiotis Junior Developer
Sovanna Tan Contact Sovanna Tan Junior Developer
stéphane durand Contact stéphane durand Junior Developer
Vincent Mouly Contact Vincent Mouly Junior Developer
sebastien curt Contact sebastien curt Junior Developer
Léa Albert Contact Léa Albert Junior Developer
Vandy BERTEN Contact Vandy BERTEN User
pierrick brunet Contact pierrick brunet User