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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Tom Sebastian Contact Tom Sebastian Admin
Bugs 17352 Result of query (with ancestor and preceding) is not deterministic 64 Months Ago 64 Months Ago
Bugs 15298 following of an attribute 80 Months Ago 66 Months Ago
Bugs 14390 Query text().contains("") raises ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 87 Months Ago 84 Months Ago
Bugs 14102 Saxon in faster than FXP 90 Months Ago 84 Months Ago
Mohamed ZERGAOUI Contact Mohamed ZERGAOUI Admin
Joachim Niehren Contact Joachim Niehren Admin
Bugs 15416 Attribute signature 79 Months Ago 76 Months Ago
Development Process 14397 svn: Ce client est trop vieux pour fonctionner avec la copie de travail 87 Months Ago 84 Months Ago
Development Process 14017 Java Doc in not more generated 90 Months Ago 88 Months Ago
Internal Design 14634 Build is very long 86 Months Ago 83 Months Ago
Internal Design 14491 How to check whether an automate is determinist? 86 Months Ago 86 Months Ago
Pavel Labath Contact Pavel Labath Admin
Guillaume Bagan Contact Guillaume Bagan Admin
Olivier Gauwin Contact Olivier Gauwin Junior Developer
Internal Design 11870 Isolate the data structure 104 Months Ago 104 Months Ago
fxp bot Contact fxp bot Reader