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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Vincent Lefèvre Contact Vincent Lefèvre Admin
Bugs 21415 mpfr_assert_fail is not marked as "no return" 4 Months Ago 4 Months Ago
Feature Requests 6180 [LIA 2] remr 113 Months Ago 113 Months Ago
Task 3965 recognize long double type for "double double" 96 Months Ago 0% done
Olivier Demengeon Contact Olivier Demengeon Senior Developer
Sylvain Chevillard Contact Sylvain Chevillard Senior Developer
Philippe Theveny Contact Philippe Theveny Senior Developer
Guillaume Hanrot Contact Guillaume Hanrot Senior Developer
Patrick PELISSIER Contact Patrick PELISSIER Senior Developer
Paul Zimmermann Contact Paul Zimmermann Senior Developer
Feature Requests 6225 improve efficiency of mpfr_root 113 Months Ago 91 Months Ago
Laurent Fousse Contact Laurent Fousse Senior Developer
Benjamin Dadoun Contact Benjamin Dadoun Senior Developer
Andreas Enge Contact Andreas Enge Senior Developer