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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Arnaud Legrand Contact Arnaud Legrand Admin, Support Tech
Bugs 2179 Need for a function to reset a platform 145 Months Ago 145 Months Ago
Martin Quinson Contact Martin Quinson Admin, Support Tech
Frédéric Suter Contact Frédéric Suter Admin, Senior Developer
Bugs 14421 Contrib section is not up to date 81 Months Ago 76 Months Ago
Lucas Schnorr Contact Lucas Schnorr Admin, Senior Developer
Henri Casanova Contact Henri Casanova Admin, Senior Developer
Arnaud Giersch Contact Arnaud Giersch Admin, Senior Developer
Christian Heinrich Contact Christian Heinrich Admin, Senior Developer
Bugs 18536 Allow for multiple network models 49 Months Ago 49 Months Ago
Luka Stanisic Contact Luka Stanisic Junior Developer
Gabriel Corona Contact Gabriel Corona Junior Developer
Fabien Chaix Contact Fabien Chaix Junior Developer
Christian Perez Contact Christian Perez Junior Developer
Stephane Genaud Contact Stephane Genaud Senior Developer
Pedro Velho Contact Pedro Velho Senior Developer
Sascha Hunold Contact Sascha Hunold Senior Developer
Mark Stillwell Contact Mark Stillwell Senior Developer
Adrien Lèbre Contact Adrien Lèbre Senior Developer
Augustin Degomme Contact Augustin Degomme Senior Developer
Bugs 14698 Documentation for the problem of non-reentrant function 79 Months Ago 79 Months Ago
Lucas Nussbaum Contact Lucas Nussbaum Senior Developer
The Anh Pham Contact The Anh Pham Senior Developer
Millian Poquet Contact Millian Poquet Senior Developer