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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Vivien Mallet Contact Vivien Mallet Admin
Sylvain Doré Contact Sylvain Doré Admin, Developer
Youngseob KIM Contact Youngseob KIM Admin, Developer
Bugs 21468 backtrace library 37 Months Ago 37 Months Ago
Bugs 21456 Bugs in the aqueous modules 37 Months Ago 37 Months Ago
Lin Wu Contact Lin Wu Developer
Irène Korsakissok Contact Irène Korsakissok Developer
Karine Sartelet Contact Karine Sartelet Developer
Damien Garaud Contact Damien Garaud Developer
Régis Briant Contact Régis Briant Developer
Yelva Roustan Contact Yelva Roustan Developer
Bugs 21705 output_saver 26 Months Ago 26 Months Ago
Florian COUVIDAT Contact Florian COUVIDAT Developer
Victor Winiarek Contact Victor Winiarek Developer
Edouard Debry Contact Edouard Debry Developer
Anne Tilloy Contact Anne Tilloy Developer
Marilyne Tombette Contact Marilyne Tombette Developer
Elsa Real Contact Elsa Real Developer
Masoud Fallahshorshani Contact Masoud Fallahshorshani Developer
Raphaël Périllat Contact Raphaël Périllat Developer
Sylvain Girard Contact Sylvain Girard Developer
Arnaud Quérel Contact Arnaud Quérel Developer
Jean-Matthieu Haussaire Contact Jean-Matthieu Haussaire Developer
Laëtitia Thouron Contact Laëtitia Thouron Developer
Yiguo Wang Contact Yiguo Wang Developer
Carole Legorgeu Contact Carole Legorgeu Developer
Palmira Messina Contact Palmira Messina Developer
Lya Lugon Contact Lya Lugon Developer
Camille Daniel Contact Camille Daniel Developer
Martin FERRAND Contact Martin FERRAND Developer
Denis Quélo Contact Denis Quélo Advanced User