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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Matei Istoan Contact Matei Istoan Admin, Senior Developer
Bugs 18130 flopoco IntMultiplier 32 32 32 1 0.8 0 TestBenchFile 1000 61 Months Ago 60 Months Ago
Bugs 15201 FPExp and FPLog don't work for certain mantissa ranges 82 Months Ago 82 Months Ago
David Thomas Contact David Thomas Admin
Anastasia Volkova Contact Anastasia Volkova Admin
Martin Kumm Contact Martin Kumm Admin
Florent de Dinechin Contact Florent de Dinechin Admin
Bugs 19943 arrondi incorrect dans FPConstMultRational 17/5 45 Months Ago 45 Months Ago
nicolas brunie Contact nicolas brunie Senior Developer
Fabrizio Ferrandi Contact Fabrizio Ferrandi Senior Developer
Konrad Möller Contact Konrad Möller Senior Developer
Martin Hardieck Contact Martin Hardieck Senior Developer
Silviu-Ioan Filip Contact Silviu-Ioan Filip Senior Developer
Andreas Böttcher Contact Andreas Böttcher Senior Developer
Luc Forget Contact Luc Forget Senior Developer
Caroline Collange Contact Caroline Collange Junior Developer
Cem Bassoy Contact Cem Bassoy Junior Developer
Marco Kleinlein Contact Marco Kleinlein Junior Developer
Johannes Kappauf Contact Johannes Kappauf Junior Developer
Louis Beseme Contact Louis Beseme Junior Developer
franck meyer Contact franck meyer Junior Developer
Maxime CHRIST Contact Maxime CHRIST Junior Developer
Bonfante Nicolas Contact Bonfante Nicolas Junior Developer
Yohann UGUEN Contact Yohann UGUEN Junior Developer
Victor Capelle Contact Victor Capelle Junior Developer
Valentin Huguet Contact Valentin Huguet Junior Developer
Nicolai Fiege Contact Nicolai Fiege Junior Developer
Viktor Schmidt Contact Viktor Schmidt Junior Developer
Benjamin Kessler Contact Benjamin Kessler Junior Developer
Antonin Dudermel Contact Antonin Dudermel Junior Developer
Louis Ohl Contact Louis Ohl Junior Developer
Orégane Desrentes Contact Orégane Desrentes Junior Developer
Kilian Klug Contact Kilian Klug Junior Developer
Raul Murillo Contact Raul Murillo Junior Developer