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Detailed docs

User interface


First steps

Quick slicing

  1. Download and install.
  2. Launch IceSL from the desktop shortcut.
  3. Open a STL file by clicking on the second icon at the bottom, or by pressing key '2'.
  4. Choose printer and set up slicing parameters in the left tool bar.
  5. Click on 'slice' or press the space bar. A dialog opens to ask where to save the G-code file.
  6. Use keys '[' and ']' to navigate through layers.
  7. Open the G-Code in your printer host software, print.

Quick start

  1. Create 3D model
    1. Create ’helloworld.lua’ in icesl/bin
    2. Open it with your favorite editor (we use Notepad++).
    3. Write emit( cube(10) ), save.
    4. Drag and drop the file onto IceSL-vanilla.exe (or launch from console with IceSL-vanilla.exe helloworld.lua).
    5. IceSL opens and you can see a cube. IceSL tracks changes in ’helloworld.lua’. If you modify and save, it will immediately update the view.
  2. Slice it
    1. On first time, set and/or verify important print settings such as printer selected, filament diameter, temperature.
    2. Click the ’slice’ button. G-Code is produced in ’helloworld.gcode’.
    3. Open the G-Code in your printer host software, print. For instance, on a Makerbot Replicator 1 use ReplicatorG to save G-Code as an S3G file on the SDcard.
  3. Print (read Section 10 before!)


IceSL is a prototype software using advanced GPU capabilities. It requires a GPU with full OpenGL 4.3 support. It has been tested on the following hardware:

  • GeForce GTX 480, 580, 680, 960, Titan
  • GeForce GT 555M
  • Intel HD 4400 and 4600
  • AMD Radeon R9 290X

Please make sure to install the latest drivers supporting OpenGL 4.3 or later. Windows XP SP3 or later or a more recent Windows version is required.

Linux version

The linux version of the IceSL binary is compiled on Debian stable ("Jessie"), but should work on most distributions. It requires the following to launch correctly:

  • OpenGL/X11
  • Glut/Freeglut
  • Zenity

Supported printers

IceSL currently supports the following printers (each has been tested):

IceSL G-code generation is very flexible and controlled by Lua scripts. Each sub-directory inside the ./gcode/ directory corresponds to a printer. Each printer directory has to contain a script printer.lua which translates printing instructions from IceSL into G-code. The printer is described by the file features.lua. Adding support for your own printer is simple: Create a directory ./gcode/<printer>/ and copy inside files from on of the existing printers. You can then edit these files to suit your printer. New directories will directly be taken into account in the IceSL GUI.

Feel free to send us your printer files for inclusion into the next release!

Adding a new printer

To create a new printer, do the following (you may need to change access rights to these folders to be able to edit):

  • open the IceSL installation directory (C:\Program Files\Inria\IceSL)
  • go into the gcode directory
  • copy the reprap directory into another folder (e.g. 'printerbot')
  • go into that folder
  • edit header.gcode and replace the content by your header
  • do the same for footer.gcode if necessary
  • edit features.lua and adapt the bed size and nozzle width settings
  • edit printer.lua and adapt the G-code output to your needs.