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Attack trees are widely used in the fields of defense for the analysis of risks (also called threats) against electronics systems, computer control systems or physical systems. Based on the analysis of attack trees, practitioners can define actions to engage in order to reduce or annihilate risks. A major barrier to support computer-aided risk analysis is that attack trees can become largely complex and thus hard to specify. We are developing a methodology, the formal foundations as well as automated techniques to synthesize attack trees. Attack scenarios are expressed as a succession of elementary actions and high-level actions can be used to abstract and organize attacks into exploitable attack trees.

We implement a comprehensive environment, called ATSyRA, for synthesizing attack trees from a high-level description of a system (such as the description of a military building). ATSyRA is implemented on top of Eclipse and offers to experts different facilities (domain-specific languages and automated reasoning support). We illustrate ATSyRA in the context of analyzing risks of a military building.

More information will be added soon, including archive of the tools, files, screencasts, etc.



Screenshot of the ATSyRA Studio displaying some of its editors

Gtb.png Hla.png Gal.png Attacks.png

Development documentation