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JuxMem-C 0.5 released

Landry Breuil - 2008-11-13 17:42 - JuxMem

JuxMem-C 0.5 has been released, it is a complete rewrite from scratch, much simpler to install and to use.

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JuxMem-C 0.4 has been released !

Landry Breuil - 2007-04-23 11:43 - JuxMem

Release highlights :

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JuxMem-0.3 has been released !

Landry Breuil - 2006-08-07 09:55 - JuxMem

Finally, c-provider support has been implemented, you can now run a full juxmem-c network.

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Doxygened source code available online

Landry Breuil - 2006-05-22 08:08 - JuxMem

You can now browse online the documented doxygened source code, generated using doxygen and graphviz. It provides cross-referenced source code, and calls/relationships graphs.

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JuxMem-0.2 has been released !!

Landry Breuil - 2006-04-04 13:21 - JuxMem

One year after the last major release, JuxMem-0.2 is out.

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JuxMem-C howto install

Landry Breuil - 2006-03-17 13:13 - JuxMem

A simple howto to install JuxMem-C is available at:

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JuxMem 0.1.1 has been released!

Mathieu Jan - 2005-07-18 15:52 - JuxMem

First version of JuxMem released on INRIAGforge! You want to add persistency management to the DIET GridRPC environment (http://graal.ens-lyon.fr/DIET) ? Try the first version of JuxMem which can be used by the recently released DIET 2.0 ...

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