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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.9.0

Release Notes
Release Name: 1.9.0

We are pleased to announce the release of MedINRIA 1.9. 

Version 1.9 comes with a bunch of new features and bug fixes, in particular in the DTI and
Tensor Viewer sections. The views have improved, with faster rendering and new data information.
Also MedINRIA is cross-platform: it is available under Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 and MacOSX!

New features include:
- High angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI)
         a) diffusion ODF reconstruction (analytical q-ball imaging) [Descoteaux et al MRM 2007]
         b) fiber ODF reconstruction (sharpened q-ball ODF) [Descoteaux et al RMI 2009]       
         c) generalized FA (GFA) computation    [Tuch MRM 2004]

- fiber tracking 
         HARDI deterministic fiber tracking from a) or b) above. [Descoteaux et al TMI 2009]
         The deterministic tracking version follows the principal direction of 
         the field of ODF from a) or b) (dODF-STR or fODF-STR in 
         [Descoteaux et al TMI 2009]), closest to the incoming direction. 

- ODF glyph visualization 
         ODFs computed from a) or b) above can be visualized as a 
         field of glyphs. The tessellation of the sphere, the sampling 
         of the ODFs and the slice number to be 
         visualized can be changed dynamically by the user.

Bug fixes / improvements:

* Bugs were found and removed in the flip in imageFusion.

* Rendering bugs with the landmarks were found and removed.

* Bugs removed when reading dicom series. 

* Lots of minor bugs fixes.

* Tests: reading and writing images in format analyze, meta image, nrrd.

Libraries dependencies:

ITK 3.14
VTK 5.4.2
wxWidgets 3.8.10
GMM 3.1
BOOST 1.39.0
MIPS  branches/ReleaseMedinria1-9 revision 5277
vtkINRIA3D branches/ReleaseMedinria1-9 revision 1297
MedINRIA branches revision 1074

The MedINRIA Team.
Change Log