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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.4

Release Notes
The taucs_full.tgz archive is a version of TAUCS 2.2 modified by the CGAL team.
It fixes some bugs, supports 64-bit platforms and allows a simplified installation process. It also contains a complete LAPACK implementation.

taucs_full.tgz contains the third-party libraries used by TAUCS (ATLAS, Metis, f2c...) precompiled for all platforms supported by CGAL. 
If your platform is missing, you will have to compile them. The taucs_external_src.tgz archive contains the necessary source files.

Change Log
Changes in CGAL 3.4:
* We provide now TAUCS precompiled for Windows debug runtimes.
* Fixed crashing bug in taucs_ooc_factor_lu() when compiling with a Windows debug runtime.
* Fixed crashing bug in taucs_ooc_factor_lu() when memory was fragmented.
* Fixed memory leak in taucs_ooc_factor_llt().
* Fixed bug in taucs_system_memory_size() on Intel Macs.
* Replaced calls to exit() by calls to abort() which is more user friendly in Windows GUI applications.