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Release Name: 0.5.0

Release Notes
Open-MX 0.5.0 (April 30th 2008, svn r1609)
The I/O AT and Full-MX-API release.

!! The ABI of the Open-MX library has changed,
!! all existing softwares using Open-MX must be rebuilt.

Major enhancements:
* The whole MX API is now supported thanks to the addition of
* Add DMA engine support to offload memory copies on the receive side on
  I/O AT hardware when available. Disabled by default, to be enabled with
  the dmaengine module parameter. See the README for details.

Other improvements from previous release:
* Fix completion of medium message send in case of a very short last
* Fix possible message corruption with very large messages with highly
  out-of-order messages.
* Fix support for very large messages, up-to 4GB-1 (32bits length).
* Fix reporting of connection errors to the application.
* Fix a possible wrongly-early completion of large send in case of duplicate
  notify message being receive.
* Improve management of queued requests a bit in case of resource shortage.
* Merge status and return codes into a single type and add many new values
  for more descriptive error codes (ABI break).
* Rework and uniformize the management of attached interfaces through the
  module parameter and sysfs file.
* Cleanup the build system and its messages.
* Many minor fixes, tiny optimizations, and documentation improvements all
  over the place.

* Queueing of requests in case of resource shortage is not perfect yet, some
  requests may not be processed in order.
* No dynamic peer discovery, omx_init_peers should be invoked manually to
  setup a static peer table.
* No background progression or retransmission is done if the application does
  not invoke an Open-MX routine explicitly.