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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: sollya-3.0

Change Log
Changes from version 2.9 to 3.0:
Major new functionnalities:
  * Added expression matching support to the Sollya language. It is now possible to perform pattern matching on the objects of the Sollya language (expressions, lists, intervals, etc.). This is documented in a new section called "Pattern matching" in the User's Manual.
  * Added bashevaluate command.
  * Added operators halfprecision (or equivalently HP) and quad (or equivalently QD).

Minor new functionnalities:
  * The Sollya executable now returns a meaningful error code:
      0 - the tool has been quit with a "quit;"
      1 - the tool has died because of an internal error that should never happen
      2 - the tool has died because it was in "dieonerrormode = on" and an error has occurred
      3 - the tool has been quit without a "quit;" but the last command was syntactically correct and got correctly executed
      4 - the tool has been quit on an incomplete input
  * Added a fitfth optional argument to guessdegree that is used as a maximal allowed degree.
  * Changed behavior of doubleextended (resp. DE) with respect to subnormal rounding. Now, doubleextended correctly performs subnormal rounding for an exponent width of 15 bits. (see documentation on doubleextended for details).

Improvements in internal handling:
  * A new technique gives sharper remainder bounds when taylorform is used in relative mode.

  * Sollya was not compatible with FPLLL 3.0 or later. This is now fixed.
  * Two important bugs fixed in taylorform. Results obtained with an older version of taylorform often were incorrect.

And some bugs fixed.