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Release Name: 1.1

Release Notes
Several bugs fixed and improvements (see the change log). Switched to Maven2 (still adjusting).
Change Log
* fix bug #1999 (however, annonymous classes would need to be referencable in future versions)
* fix a null parent in field accesses
* do not print implicit default constructors
* do not print implicit calls to super()
* fixed pretty print bug when multiple initializers in ifs
* better handling of exceptions
* support advanced enum syntax
* getActualClass uses the ClassLoader.loadClass method instead of the Class.forName method
* added support for CodeSnippets (expressions and statements) in the metamodel
* implement the getColumn method in source position and take tabulations into account
* rename some elements (and deprecate old ones)
* fix a bug when multiple bounds in generics declarations
* add support for fragments: a way to implement transformation at a source-code text level rather than an AST level (can be useful when preferving formatting is required)
* fixed bug in the file path of the source position
* added tabulation configuration in the environment (+command-line and ANT support)
* added a generic processor to annotate the code from annotation specified in an XML file
* added some compilation and generic processing tests