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Release Name: 2.4

Release Notes

- [feature] adds support for spoon models without the complete classpath (command line option --noclasspath) - [API] introduces CtTypeMember (for methods, constructors and staic blocks) - [API] refactors the code related to generic types, everything is now in CtGenericTypeReference - [API] proposes a better way to get imports for a class (see ImportScanner) - [bug fix] bad null pointer exception in a clean ModelBuildingException when the source folder contains twice the same type - [bug fix] fixes the conversion of a binary expression within a annotion field returns a CtExpression. Now the CtExpression will be converted too. - [bug fix] fixes visibility on static fields in interface include in class. - [bug fix] fixes bug in CtStatementImpl.insertBefore - [bug fix] fixes bug in FileSystemFolder.getSubFolder - [bug fix] fixes bug invoking super with an enclosing instance