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Project Filelist for JFresnel

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.1.0

Release Notes
*  First public release
* Supports the following Fresnel core lens vocabulary elements:
    o instanceLensDomain, classLensDomain
    o showProperties, hideProperties, allProperties
    o purpose, default, label
* Supports the following Fresnel core format vocabulary elements:
    o propertyFormatDomain
    o value, image, uri, externalLink, none
    o label, contentFirst, contentBefore, contentAfter, contentLast
* Groups are supported (in the sense that lenses are associated with formats through groups)
* Full-featured FSL engine for Jena 2.3 or later, and Sesame 2-alpha3. The FSL engine can be used on its own, independently of Fresnel.
* Selection expressions can be either basic selectors or FSL path expressions. SPARQL is not supported yet.