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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.6.6

Release Notes
The geogram release that comes with Graphite-1.6.6.
Many small improvement and fixes (see list below).
Change Log
* Fixed Logger crash under Windows in multithreading mode
* Fixed graphic apps crash under Windows when iconizing 
* PLY exporter now saves vertices colors if present
* exported missing symbols (cell descriptors) for Windows
(needs GEOGRAM_API also in the .cpp, c.f. stackoverflow, AliceVision repo)
* Fixed bug in assertion checks that were not correct when OpenNL
variables indirection API is not used. 
* NL_DEBUG activated when NDEBUG is not defined.
* nl_range_assert: fixed a warning.
* NL: Fixed debugging code that was breaking compilation (variable locally declared in loop not supported by compilers) 
* GUI, file dialog: Added buttons to change logical drives under Windows.