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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.1

Release Notes

 * To upgrade a web server running version 1.0, you need to delete the
   Ocsipersist store (by default the `ocsidb` file referred in the
   configuration file). This will archive all finalized elections, and
   delete all unfinalized elections (i.e. the elections being
   prepared). Additionally, you should clean up the data directory (the
   one referred in the `<spool>` directive in the configuration file)
   by removing all temporary files (run `rm *.*` in this directory)
   and private keys (`rm */private_key.json`).
Change Log
1.1 (2016-07-25)

 * Web server:
   + Internationalization of voter-facing interfaces
     - add French and German translations
   + Add a confirmation page for election finalization
   + Add cookie disclaimer
   + Add templates for mails to trustees
   + Add the Belenios logo and use www.belenios.org in links
   + Add OpenID Connect authentication for administrators
 * Command-line tool:
   + Issue a proper warning when a result is missing
   + Support result files where decryption factors are not in the same
     order as trustee public keys