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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.7

Release Notes

 * To upgrade a web server running version 1.6, you need to delete the
   Ocsipersist store (by default the `ocsidb` file referred in the
   configuration file). This will archive all validated elections, and
   delete all draft elections. Additionally, you should clean up the
   data directory (the one referred in the `<spool>` directive in the
   configuration file) by removing all temporary files (run `rm *.*`
   in this directory) and private keys (`rm */private_key*.json*`).
Change Log
1.7 (2018-11-26)

 * Add automatic data archival/deletion policy
 * Do not allow election validation if some items have not been edited
 * Trustees can load their private key from a file
 * Do no longer rely on Ocsipersist
 * Port to OCaml 4.06.1 and Eliom 6.3.0
 * Re-seed LwtRandom prng every 30 minutes
 * Add a placeholder for warnings/announcements