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Release Name: 5.0

Release Notes

The Speech Signal Processing (SPro) toolkit provides the standard
speech signal analysis routines. The basic functions needed to build
signal processing algorithms are defined in a library and runtime
tools are provided for the standard analysis procedure (LPC,
filter-bank and cepstral analysis).


SPro is distributed "as is" under the MIT License. See COPYING for
details on the license.


 Library (libspro.a):

  - system.h: system dependent stuff
  - spro.h: all the definitions for libspro.a

  - sig.c: waveform I/O functions
  - header.c: feature stream header functions
  - spf.c: feature I/O functions
  - misc.c: miscellaneous stuff that didn't fit anywhere else
  - lpc.c: LPC based speech analysis functions
  - fft.c: FFT based speech analysis functions
  - convert.c: delta, delta-delta, CMS and other convertions


  - scopy: copy/list of an SPro data file into various formats (HTK,
    ascii, Sirocco, ...)
  - sfbank: filter bank analysis
  - sfbcep: filter bank cepstral coefficients
  - slpc: LPC analysis
  - slpcep: LPC-based cepstral coefficients


  - spro.texi
  - changes.texi
  - index.texi
  - intro.texi
  - library.texi
  - reference.texi
  - speech.texi
  - user.texi
  - version.texi


  See INSTALL for details.


  As far as I know, SPro has been successfully build and used on
  Linux, SPARC/SunOS, and HP-UX. It should also work on AIX though
  this has not been tested so far. This code has *never* been ported
  to any windows-based OS but if someone ever do that, please let me
  know (there should be some problems).


  To report a bug or any comment or (even better) any contribution,
  please send a mail to ggravier@irisa.fr.


  See CHANGES for details.


  Guillaume Gravier - ggravier@irisa.fr


  In alphabetical order: Raphael Blouet, Pierre Duhamel, Johnny
  Mariethoz, Sylvain Meigner, Alexey Ozerov, Jacques Prado.
Change Log
License has changed from GPL to MIT.