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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.0 beta (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32 bits)

Release Notes

[Global modifications] - Add support for serialization - One Omiscid library now, no longer 3 libraries - Use Omiscid-config instead of other Omiscid*-config. You can invoke g++ `Omiscid-config --all` Prog.cpp -o Prog [Bug corrections] - correct bug in copy constructor mecanism in SimpleList - correct bug in GetDescription for connectors. [API] - Add equal operator to SimpleList and MutexedSimpleList to prevent automatic definition by the compiler - Add SerializeValue, Serializable, StructuredMessage add SerializeException classes. See examples for details. - Add GenerateHumanReadableDescription function for connectors and variables (see ServiceProxy, VariableAttribute and InOutputAttribute). [Documentation] - See MDNS_README, when you plan to use and install mDNS from Apple.